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What is Quiet BPD?

Quiet BPD refers to those who meet the criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis but don't match the standard profile. Typical #BPD usually includes displays of anger and outward self-destruction. #QuietBPD however is when those symptoms are internalized. A person with Quiet BPD will turn their feelings inward and become very self-destructive in ways that they hope others aren't able to notice.

Quiet BPD is often misdiagnosed due to its lack of classic BPD symptoms. It can be misdiagnosed as depression, autism, or social anxiety to name a few. BPD is generally thought of as angry and explosive, however, those with Quiet BPD are silently hurting.

Individuals with Quiet BPD often struggle with relationships as well as challenging life events. It's difficult to develop real connections with others, and relationships are often ended prematurely by either the individual with BPD changing their view of the new person (What is Splitting in BPD?) or the new person's intimidation of their extreme emotions causes them to distance themselves.

What Causes Quiet BPD

Quiet BPD is caused mainly by the same risk factors that cause regular Borderline Personality Disorder. Family History, childhood abuse, abandonment, or neglect to name a few. A child that was constantly led to believe they were in the way may be more likely to start internalizing things. It's the personality of the individual developing BPD that determines if they will express their emotions inward or outward. Those who express it internally being those with Quiet BPD.

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Hey! My name is Brooke. 

I'm a Borderline diagnosed at the age of 17; a full-time employee and mother of 4. 

I've decided it's time, though I have a busy schedule, to make time to share what I've learned about BPD not only from my research but from living with the disorder myself. 

I created this blog to help others with Borderline Personality Disorder, as well as those who have someone in their life that suffers from BPD.​

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