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Meet the Face
Behind the Posts

Hey! My name is Brooke. 

I'm a Borderline diagnosed at the age of 17; a full-time employee and a mother of 4. 

I've decided it's time, though I have a busy schedule, to make time to share what I've learned about BPD not only from my research but from living with the disorder myself. 

I created this blog to help others with Borderline Personality Disorder, as well as those who have someone in their life that suffers from BPD.

If there's anything in the world that would make this disorder worth having, it would be the ability to help others. 

As a borderline, I have a huge empathy level, and seeing others hurt has always troubled me deeply. With every article that I write, my main purpose is to help ease as much hurt in as many lives as I possibly can. 

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have that I could potentially shed some light on for you! My hypothetical door is always open! 



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