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The Importance of the Present Moment

It is far too easy to get lost in thoughts of the past. Greaving injustices, pining for lost loves, overthinking interactions or decisions made. We also tend to overthink the endless possibilities of the future. Planning and preparedness are one thing, but stressing about things yet to come is pointless and quite literally, unhealthy, for several reasons. We are all guilty of it, and we actually spend far more time living in the past and future than we realize. In doing so, we miss out on the present moment. The now. The only thing that truly exists.

Anxiety challenges our ability to stay in the moment. Fear-based thoughts drive our minds in any other direction possible in an attempt to avoid the anxiety of the moment. Failure to work through your emotions in the moment, however, will lead to more unresolved issues in the future for you to fixate on, pulling you away from yet another precious, real-time moment. Find peace with everything, as it is, for what it is, and live your life with that mindset. It will bring more peace to your life than any other sustainable mindset.

If you're struggling to even find the moment. Here are a few tips you can try to help get you there.

Music - If you're not too distracted, something as easy as turning on the radio can be enough to get you into the moment.

Meditation - If you find it difficult to shut your mind down, my advice to you would be; to close your eyes and chase the darkness in the galaxies that dance behind your eyelids. Focusing on nothing but the darkness until everything else fades away.

Sensory - Your senses are there for your benefit. So, use 'em! Take in the view, sounds, and vibes of your surroundings. Get in touch with the feel of nature.. the energy of the world around you...

Sounds - Focus on hearing the background noises around you. Birds or cars in the distance, trees blowing, the wind itself. If you're inside, maybe a clock on the wall ticking, an appliance running. Block out the loud stuff and focus intently on finding the faint noises. This can be one of the most effective ways to find the moment when it's exceptionally hard.

Touch - Can you feel the clothes you're wearing? How do they feel against your skin? Can you feel a breeze? We're often oblivious to little things like this. Numb over time by their "irrelevance" in a busy mind.

This practice isn't necessarily going to be easy, especially as you first start out. It does get easier and easier over time though. Eventually, it becomes a subconscious "natural" way of being, rather than a cycle of returning yourself to the moment each time you slip back to the past or start fixating on the future. Don't give up on yourself.

The past is the past, and no amount of dwelling can ever change it. The future will always be there, address it when the time comes. Focus fully on the present, and don't miss another moment of your life.

The "Present Moment," is very fitting, as each moment truly is a gift.

Don't let them get away from you.

-Borderline Brooke


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Hey! My name is Brooke. 

I'm a Borderline diagnosed at the age of 17; a full-time employee and mother of 4. 

I've decided it's time, though I have a busy schedule, to make time to share what I've learned about BPD not only from my research but from living with the disorder myself. 

I created this blog to help others with Borderline Personality Disorder, as well as those who have someone in their life that suffers from BPD.​

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